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Matsutake Lamp

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Sale price$119.99 USD Regular price$169.99 USD
Matsutake Lamp - Casa Di Lumo
Matsutake Lamp Sale price$119.99 USD Regular price$169.99 USD

Subtle Brilliance, Touch-Activated


  • Glass Acrylic Polkadots: These dots are not merely decorative; they are made from high-quality glass acrylic that catches and diffuses the light, creating a soft, dappled effect that mimics the sunlight filtering through a forest canopy.

  • Touch-Sensitive Brightness: With just a simple touch, you can adjust the brightness of your Matsutake Luminaire to three different levels. Whether you're looking for a gentle glow to relax by or a clear light to read under, this feature allows you to set the perfect tone for any moment.

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