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LumiLinks™ Smart Modular Lights

Sale price$139.99 USD
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Customizable, Vibrant, Smart

Elevate your space with LumiLinks™ Smart Modular Lights, the ultimate in customizable lighting. Perfect for any contemporary setting, these modular Y-Shaped lights come in packs of 6, 9, or 12, featuring universal plugs for global use.
Create your own designs with ease, thanks to smart technology and wall-mounted convenience. Immerse yourself in endless color possibilities with Casa Di Lumo's RGB system, offering dimmable lights, adjustable speeds, and a music sync feature for an ambient experience like no other.
Ideal for gaming rooms, lounges, or bedrooms, LumiLinks™ are the perfect housewarming gift, with over 16 million colors and 330+ scenes. Control your setup effortlessly via app or remote, compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa for a seamless smart home integration. Transform your space with LumiLinks™ - where design meets technology.
LumiLinks™ Smart Modular Lights - Casa Di Lumo
LumiLinks™ Smart Modular Lights Sale price$139.99 USD

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