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Chilling Brothers - Lamp Collection

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"Casa Di Lumo - Chilling Brothers Lamp Collection."

Get ready to meet the coolest gang in town - the Chilling Brothers Lamp Collection! This set of 5 lamp characters will light up your space and bring some serious style to your decor.

Each of these brothers has its own unique personality and style, from the laid-back surfer dude to the goofball. They emit a warm, soft light that creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere in any room.

These guys are not your ordinary lamps - they're a gang of rebels who refuse to blend in with the crowd. They look great on shelves, office desks, coffee tables, or any other spot that needs a little extra light and character.

You can get the full bundle or choose your favorites to mix and match. Whatever you decide, these lamps will light up your life in more ways than one!
Chilling Brothers - Lamp Collection
Chilling Brothers - Lamp Collection Sale price$99.99 USD Regular price$159.99 USD

Wholesome & Enriching

bring your space to life

These rebellious lamps are perfect for shelves, desks, or coffee tables, and you can choose your favorites to mix and match.

Get ready to light up your life with the Chilling Brothers!